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Rewarding the Best Health Plans with Higher Enrollment

Medicaid health plans are the Ginger Rogers of managed care. They have to do everything commercial and Medicare health plans do but have to do it backwards and in high heels. Despite dealing with more complex requirements and the toughest, most vulnerable patient populations, Medicaid health plans often provide higher quality and better access to care than their commercial...

Medicaid: The Largest, Most Complex Health Program on Earth

In 2002, Medicaid became the world's largest health program, with expenditures exceeding the better-known Medicare program. With over a third of trillion dollars in spending and over 50 million beneficiaries, America's most complex and fastest growing health program is also its largest. Not surprisingly, Medicaid is now the largest part of state government budgets - surpassing public education. In a...

New Information to Help Medicare Drug Plans Prepare Bids

To help organizations planning to submit bids to serve beneficiaries under the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has posted a wealth of valuable new information on it's website. Designed to help potential drug plan bidders better understand and estimate the Medicare population's use of prescription drugs, the new data sets include: - Drug...

Medicaid Drugs: Spending and Use of Prescription Drugs by Medicaid Beneficiaries

State Medicaid programs are the nation's largest buyers of prescription drugs, serving over 50 million Americans, including the most vulnerable and costly patients. However, Medicaid drug benefits are complex and vary from state to state and among the diverse populations served. We now have an wealth of new information on Medicaid drug spending and utilization, thanks to excellent work by...

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