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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Understanding the Pieces and Players

The supply chain for prescription drugs is as complex as it is important. It represents a fascinating, continuously evolving maze of players, relationships, and processes from manufacturers all the way to individual patients. With Medicare's new approach to Part B drug reimbursement, the upcoming Medicare Part D drug benefit, increasing transparency of prices, and new demands from increasingly savvy employers...

Medicaid Budget Battle: Understanding What’s At Stake

In his proposed federal budget for FY 2006, President Bush is proposing $60 billion worth of cuts to the Medicaid program. Concerned about perceived gaming by states and not wanting to open up the far more troubling can of worms that is Medicare, the Administration singled out Medicaid for the largest cuts. Their eagerness to contain Medicaid is not...

Drug Errors in Nursing Homes: Implications for Medicare Drug Benefit

New evidence on the high incidence of preventable, often deadly drug errors in nursing homes raises serious implications for the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. Each month, one in ten nursing home residents suffer a medication-related injury, according to a new study in the American Journal of Medicine. The lead author, Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD from the University of Massachusetts...

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