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Medicaid Coverage of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: Is Congress Passing the Buck?

As part of the HHS appropriations bill for FY 2006, Congress is moving fast to drop federal funding for erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs in Medicaid, Medicare, and other federal health programs. This makes sense but there is a catch, albeit an unintentional one. Federal law will still require state Medicaid programs to pay for ED drugs. They'll just will...

Medicare’s Version of the Boston Tea Party: States Push Back on the Clawback

For cash-strapped state governments, the "clawback" is the most controversial and costly provisions of the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) and the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. Now, as state begin new fiscal years and grapple with the latest Medicaid spending projections, some state leaders are balking at paying the federal treasury $124 billion over the next ten years to cover...

As Employers Pull Their Money Out: The Failure of Health Care Cost Control

By Michael H. Bailit, MBA President of Bailit Health Purchasing, LLC Introduction The serious problems in our health care system have been more than adequately documented in this journal and many others over the two past decades. Rates of uninsurance rise with a steadiness fueled by costs that seemingly know no bound. Quality varies with little or any relationship to cost, and...

Medicaid Reform: NGA’s Proposal

Medicaid has become a fiscal disaster for states. With spiraling costs, bulging enrollment, and a degree of complex only a quantum physicist could love, Medicaid is in desperate need of large-scale reform. The National Governors Association (NGA) has adopted an interim policy on comprehensive Medicaid reform. The policy, which all the governors will vote on at their mid-summer meeting, calls...

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