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Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans: New Opportunities for State Medicaid Programs

Medicare Advantage is the new name for voluntary managed care options in Medicare (also know as Medicare Part C and formerly "Medicare+Choice"). Medicare Advantage plans are now available in nearly every area of the country. Beneficiaries who select a MA plan elect to receive all Medicare benefits through the health plan (HMO or PPO). This includes all Part A...

The Business of Healthcare Innovation: Convergence of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Genomics, Proteomics, Medical Device, and Information Technology Sectors

The market dynamics, business models, and corporate strategies of pharma, biotech, genomics, medical device development, and health care information technology are converging. And you better get ready. Written by business gurus at the Wharton School and health industry executives, The Business of Healthcare Innovation provides an invaluable analysis of key business trends in the manufacturing side of health care. Editor...

Future of Off-Label Prescribing

Once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a new prescription drug for one medical indication, physicians are free to prescribe it for virtually any condition. While there are downsides of prescribing drugs "off-label," it allows patients and payors to benefit as physicians test drugs under real-world conditions and identify new applications. Because formal clinical trials and the FDA review...

Will States Tax the Employer Subsidy in Medicare Drug Benefit?

Under the Medicare Modernization Act, employers will receive about $124 billion in tax-free subsidies to encourage them to continue prescription drug coverage for retirees. Because of a long history of taxpayer-funded health benefits "crowding out" employer-sponsored coverage, Congress wanted to reduce the incentive for employers to drop retirees into the new Medicare drug benefit (Medicare Part D). The subsidy works...

FDA and the Plan B Emergency Contraception Drug: Lessons for Future Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Regardless where you come down on the issue of contraception and availability of the new Plan B "morning after" pill, the Food and Drug Administration's handing of Plan B provides ample evidence against expanded regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. Plan B, an emergency contraction drug, was approved for sale by prescription in 1999 "indicated to prevent pregnancy following unprotected intercourse,...

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