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Health Reform in Massachusetts and Michigan: Super Waivers and the Quest for Health Coverage

Health care reform is a hot topic again. President Bush is rolling out a series of initiatives to improve health insurance coverage. Congress is poised to approve a 1,000-page budget reconciliation bill with dozens of key changes to Medicaid and Medicare. CMS continues to work hard to implement the Medicare drug benefit. And the national Medicaid reform commission is...

Drug Access Problems in Medicare Part D: Pharma Industry Should Help States

While the feds work to fix a series of technical problems plaguing the new Medicare Part D drug benefit, governors are stepping in to help ensure dual eligibles and other vulnerable beneficiaries have access to prescription drugs. As a result, states are incurring millions of dollars of costs. They shouldn't have to - by federal law, drug coverage for...

Medicare Part D: The Rube Goldberg Memorial Drug Benefit?

Rube Goldberg believed there were two ways to do things - the simple way and the hard way. And that, for some inexplicable reason, many people preferred doing things the hard way. His famous cartoons illustrated the tendency of human beings to exert maximum effort to achieve minimal results. Notwithstanding the best of intentions, an influx of a mountain of...

The Immutable Laws of Health Care

  1. You get what you pay for. 2. Price is what you pay but value is what you get. 3. You can't fix what you can't see. 4. Incentives matter, whether you intend them to or not. 5. No matter what they say, it's always about money and autonomy. 6. There are no essential providers, only essential services. 7. More is rarely better and often...

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