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Health Insurance Regulation and Debate Over Medical Loss Ratios in California

In health policy, bad ideas never go away. Case in point is the proposal in California to require that health plans spend at least 85% of premium revenue on provider payments. Specifically, as part of his $12 billion Stay Healthy California package of reforms, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes to set a new minimum medical loss ratio for health plans. In...

Understanding Pharma and Biotech: Best Books on Pharmaceutical Industry Issues

Science Business: The Promise, the Reality, and the Future of Biotech Summary: Why has the biotechnology industry failed to perform up to expectations - despite all its promise? In Science Business, Gary P. Pisano, Ph.D. answers this question by providing an incisive critique of the industry. Dr. Pisano not only reveals the underlying causes of biotech's problems; he offers the...

State Children’s Health Insurance Program: Understanding SCHIP and the Reauthorization Debate

The $7 billion State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is up for reauthorization in Congress this year. SCHIP, which began in October 1997, now covers over four million Americans, primarily children in families with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid but too low to afford commercial health insurance coverage. Popular with both Democrats and Republicans, SCHIP is certain to...

State Health Care Reform: Health Coverage Expansion Initiatives Across the U.S.

In health care, states serve as the nation's laboratories of reform - able to test innovations in financing, coverage, regulation, and care delivery. In 2007, states are leading the way on health insurance coverage expansion, leveraging a mix of policies including universal coverage, individual mandates, tax credits and Section 125 plans, and insurance "exchanges" or "connectors" to facilitate buying...

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