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Pricing of Biologics and Other Physician-Administered Drugs: The Rise of Average Sales Price in Medicare and Commercial Health Plans

The well-regarded industry trade journal Biotechnology Healthcare has an excellent article by Patrick Mullen on The Arrival of Average Sales Price. In it, Mr. Mullen interviews several top industry experts (yes, including me) on the rationale for and impact of Average Sales Price (ASP) and how health plans are following Medicare's lead: Health plans are beginning to adopt the average...

Pharmaceutical Pricing: New Federal Rules on Average Manufacturer Price and Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement

In the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA), Congress made major, controversial, and technically complex changes to Medicaid prescription drug pricing and pharmacy reimbursement. The policy changes, which are expected to save the feds and states $8.4 billion over the next five years, present significant challenges to both drug manufacturers and retail pharmacies. To implement the DRA changes, the Center for Medicare...

Private Equity and Health Care Business: Marketplace Radio Interview

The Carlyle Group, a large private equity firm, announced today that it is buying Manor Care, a large operator of nursing homes and long-term care services, for $6 billion. This got the good folks at Marketplace Radio to ask why private equity firms seem to be so interested in buying up health care companies. And the resulting radio story...

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