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Pediatric Cancers and Health Insurance Woes Under ACA

The medical goal for children diagnosed with pediatric cancers is remission or cure, but consistency and speediness of health insurance coverage is critical to access to preferred treatment. The therapeutic intervention differs based on the cancer type, stage, tolerance of the child to radiation and pharmaceutical agents, and numerous other factors. For this reason, the physician and medical team...

Prison Healthcare: Medical Costs, Privatization, and Importance of Expertise

Controlling statewide costs in prisons was the rationale for privatizing the correctional healthcare delivery system across the nation, but there have been consequences.  The increased incarceration levels and shift from governmental to private criminal justice system medical care has resulted in an additional burden of care placed on hospitals and public health centers for inmates following their release. The...

Autoimmune Disorders and Healthcare Payor Concerns

The causes of autoimmune disorders such as lupus, diabetes (type 1), rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren’s syndrome have not been determined, but an abnormal immune response is the common feature. While symptoms are mild in some patients, these can be highly debilitating (and even life-threatening) in other individuals. Due to the chronic nature of these disorders, the financial cost to...

Physician Payment Reform: Effects of New Payment Models on Physician Practices, Experience, and Finances

How have alternative health care payment models, aimed at lowering costs while improving patient outcomes, affected physicians and physician practices in the United States? A recent RAND Corporation study, sponsored by the American Medical Association, looks at the effects payment reform models have on physicians' finances, practice management, and work experience and professional satisfaction. The overall number of alternative-payment models...

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