Canada’s Socialized health care system may result in cheaper drugs but far more dead patients.

The first major study of patient safety in Canadian hospitals has found an extremely high number of preventable medical errors.

The study, appearing in the next issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, estimates that preventable mistakes in hospitals kill between 9,000 and 24,000 of our Canadian friends each year. That’s roughly twice the unacceptably high error rates found in American hospitals. About 7.5 percent of Canadian inpatients are reportedly injured or killed. However, Dr. Peter Norton, co-author of the of the study, suggests the numbers are probably an “underestimate”.

But never fear. There may yet be a silver lining. The long waiting lists in Canada give patients more time to get their affairs in order. And Canadians can take heart that their hospitals are not nearly as dangerous as those in Australia, Britain, or New Zealand.

Can we finally stop using Canada’s system as a “model” and focus on fixing our superior, albeit flawed, system?