States will play a key role in the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. This includes financing much of the drug costs for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities. Here is some useful information for state leaders:

Implications of the New Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit for State Medicaid Budgets. From Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

Implementing the New Medicare Drug Benefit: Challenges and Opportunities for States. From National Health Policy Forum (NHPF).

Medicare Drug Benefit and Issues for Dual Eligibles with Disabilities and Serious Conditions. From KFF.

The “Clawback”: State Financing of Medicare Drug Coverage. From KFF.

Medicare Part D: Financial Issues for States. From the American Academy of Actuaries.

Overview of Dual Eligible Beneficiaries. From Medicare Payment Assessment Commission (MedPAC).

Fundamentals of the Prescription Drug Market. From NHPF.