Under President Bush’s FY 2006 budget, state Medicaid programs face the prospect of significant changes, including funding cuts of $60 billion, some new expansions, and additional flexibility. Now costing taxpayers over $300 billion a year and growing at 8-12 percent in most states, Medicaid is a hot topic inside the Beltway and in state capitols.

However, Medicaid is extraordinarily complex. To prepare for the policy debate and budget battle, here are some free materials to help you understand Medicaid:

● Medicaid Program at a Glance: Two-page fact sheet summarizing the program.

● Medicaid Benefits: Services covered, limits, copayments, and Reimbursement Methodologies for each state.

● Medicaid Expenditures: State-by-state information on Medicaid spending by type of service (e.g., hospital, physician, prescription drugs).

● Medicaid Resource Book: Comprehensive reference on how the Medicaid program operates – who it covers, what it covers, how it is financed, and how it is administered.

● Medicaid Waivers: Fact sheet explaining Section 1115 Medicaid reform waivers.

Our hat is off to the great folks at the Kaiser Family Foundation, who continue to make available an impressive array of background materials and studies.