Are you ready to be an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

Significant new opportunities and challenges face health systems, hospitals, and physician practices as they decide whether to participate in the new Medicare Shared Savings Program and join together to form an Accountable Care Organization.

Accountable Care Organizations: Your Guide to Strategy, Design, and Implementation is an excellent new guidebook by Marc A. Bard, MD and Mike Nugent.

The book helps readers:

  • Understand the organization, management, and clinical framework for a successful Accountable Care Organization.
  • Think through the structures, capabilities, and processes necessary to design and implement an ACO-based care delivery model.
  • Work through the key decisions and develop a specific ACO strategy.
  • Assess an healthcare provider organization’s readiness to become a successful ACO.

As a practical guidebook on ACOs, it is designed to help hospital, health system, and physician practice executives and managers answer questions like:

  1. What does it take to become an ACO?
  2. What steps and actions should your organization take to implement an ACO strategy?
  3. How can organizational culture support your move to accountable care?
  4. How can you build a business plan to support an ACO strategy?
  5. What health information technology (HIT) is needed to implement an ACO strategy?
  6. How can an ACO best negotiate effectively with third-party payers?

The book is written by Marc A. Bard, MD, chief innovation officer of Navigant’s healthcare practice, and Mike Nugent, leader of Navigant’s managed care pricing team.  It’s published by Health Administration Press (HAP) of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

The guide is highly recommended for executives, physicians, and other professionals in health systems, hospitals, and physician practices – whether you are implementing an Accountable Care Organization, in the throes of designing an ACO, or still thinking through your options and strategy.