As part of the Health Reform Toolkit Series, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority have published Effective Education, Outreach, and Enrollment Approaches for Populations Newly Eligible for Health Coverage. The series offers resources for health reform stakeholders to assist other states in planning and implementing ACA elements.

This toolkit, developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Office of Medicaid, focuses on state design and implementation of effective education and outreach along with approaches to health insurance enrollment for newly eligible individuals. Lessons used to create the toolkit were drawn from health reform implementation in Massachusetts, with the measure deemed most important to the success of efforts in Massachusetts being the state’s 98.1 percent health coverage rate.

The toolkit provides guidance to assist states in building an effective infrastructure for outreach and enrollment, such as ensuring sufficient administrative capacity and expanding systems capacity. The toolkit further discusses vehicles and channels states may use to reach, educate, and enroll uninsured residents; the development of outreach materials; the role of community-based public and private non-profits during outreach; and the importance of outreach to stakeholders including providers, health plans, and consumer advocates.

The toolkit explores technical assistance for outreach partners along with additional considerations of which states should be aware, including:

  • Collaboration and communication among cross-sector agencies.
  • Leveraging of enrollment, education, and outreach resources.
  • Ongoing program impact monitoring and reporting.
  • Addressing the sustainability of grant programs for outreach and enrollment efforts.

To read or download the full toolkit, click here (PDF).