The AHRQ released its background report, National Advisory Council Subcommittee: Identifying Health Care Quality Measures for Medicaid-Eligible Adults. Required by the Affordable Care Act, this report identified a recommended core set of quality measures for Medicaid-eligible adults. Also aimed at providing states with insight into health care quality for Medicaid-eligible adults, The Affordable Care Act necessitates that HHS establish an Adult Medicaid Quality Measurement Program.

In January of 2011, CMS received 51 recommended measures from the subcommittee charged with evaluating candidate measures for the core set. Those recommendations were posted for public comment, and 100 comments were received. Most comments focused on the size of the proposed set and the recommended list of measures.

In response to public comment, proposed core measures were evaluated based on importance, scientific evidence around the issue, scientific soundness of the measure, current use in and alignment with existing programs, and feasibility for State reporting. Of those five, the latter two were emphasized as a means for being as responsive as possible to both public comment and other state requests.

A set of 24 measures remained following priority ranking for each of the five criteria along with discussion and subcommittee vote. Two initial measures were also introduced by CMS and AHRQ to fully represent priority populations, with the final 26 released publically through a Federal Register Notice.

To read or download the full report, click here  (PDF).