Sellers Dorsey announced key leadership changes aimed at business expansion at its annual meeting on October 23. Harvey Hurdle became the Chief Executive Officer and Sellers Dorsey’s founder and current Chief Executive Officer, Martin Sellers, will now serve as Founder and Chairman.

“I am honored to lead Sellers Dorsey and energized by the opportunities for the firm and our clients,” said Hurdle.

The transition in leadership is part of Sellers Dorsey’s continued plans to fuel business expansion and leverage opportunities for the firm and its clients. This leadership transition is the next step in a strategic growth plan, which began two years ago and included an expansion into diverse markets, the development of innovative products and services, the addition of nationally recognized experts, and a comprehensive corporate rebranding initiative.

“I have worked with Harvey for over ten years, and he has proven himself to be a leader with an outstanding record of accomplishment,” said Sellers. “Harvey’s new role allows me to devote more time to serving clients, extending the firm’s footprint into other markets, and strengthening key relationships.”

Sellers Dorsey provides strategic consulting services in the healthcare sector to both public and private organizations with nationally recognized experts in Medicaid financing, technology, data analytics, eligibility and enrollment systems, insurance, and more. Sellers Dorsey has improved the bottom-line for several Fortune 500 companies and leading health care providers, including major insurers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and technology companies.

Sellers Dorsey was a key adviser in the bipartisan initiative to provide universal health care to the citizens of Massachusetts, collaborating with former Governor Mitt Romney and the late Senator Edward Kennedy. The team has also worked with Democratic and Republican administrations in many other states and territories, including Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Texas. Sellers Dorsey has helped states to secure new federal funds to modernize their systems, expand health care, and improve quality.

Sellers Dorsey is a national healthcare consulting firm that navigates the ever-changing landscape within the public and private sectors. Through deep industry expertise and a political lens, the firm provides clarity at the intersection of business and policy. Together with its clients, Sellers Dorsey realizes opportunities that enhance the bottom-line and ultimately improve the lives of people.

For more information, visit or contact Christopher Labonte, Principal and Director of External Affair at [email protected].


Kip Piper is a Medicare, Medicaid, and health reform consultant, speaker, and author.  A senior consultant with Sellers Dorsey, Kip advises health plans, health systems, states, drug and device manufacturers, and investment firms throughout the U.S.  For more, visit  Follow on Twitter at @KipPiper and connect with Kip on LinkedIn.